Canadian Identity

  1. I choose these two resources because i think that the best way to demonstrate the culture or identity of Canada is by the way that Canadians present themselves and act. Canadians are peacekeepers, this is a decision that the government made that affects the whole country and also majorly affects the way that people view Canada as a whole. The culture of Canadians is typically reserved and peaceful, always apologizing for doing something wrong.
  2. when i was younger I still viewed Canadians the same as i do now. my perspective hasn’t changed since i moved here, i was too young before i moved here to have an understanding about what Canadians might be like. I thought they were quite nice, and mostly honest to a lot of things, I did get bullied and had some bad experiences but every country has people who are not ideal but they don’t make up the majority.
  3. i think people from countries in Europe, (the only one i can speak for because of my background), people from Europe typically feel that people from north America have life easier and get paid more at their jobs, they feel like their life is better simply because of the environment in which they live in. Many Europeans think that people from north American countries don’t need to work as hard for the same things as people in Europe do, which in some cases is true but definitely not in all cases. There is also a view that Europeans have that north Americans are not as intelligent and have an easier school system. overall the perspective of how you grew up is always going to bias the way that you see other countries and people within them.

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