Readers Response: “A Television Drama”

Part A – The Reporter`s POV:

“And now the ambulance is arriving…” as indeed it was. “The suspect, suffering from at least three wounds, who seems near death, is being lifted onto a stretcher…” This she couldn’t see.

This little bit that I took from the story, very clearly shows the different perspectives between the reporter and Carolee. One of the neighbors reported “I saw him go over the fence”, “He fell practically at my feet”. Although, according to Carolee the suspect did not go over the fence, and wasn’t near the neighbor. The reporters gave completely different information about the suspect than what Carolee had seen. She had seen him by the laurel hedge, but no one else saw him there. They saw him climb over the fence and drop by a neighbors foot, yet Carolee didn’t see that ever happening. When Carolee`s husband, Pete questioned her about the incident, Carolee did not tell him what she had seen. Many news sources exaggerate their stories, an example was the Harambe story. Although the Harambe story is dying down, it was all the buzz for a good few months. The story is about an adult gorilla, Harambe being shot and killed when an infant falls into his habitat. Many news sources can give false or exaggerated news, you must dig deeper than just one source to get the full picture.

Part B – Media and “A Television Drama”:

Going back to the Harambe story, many people were upset and disgusted at the zoo and the zookeeper who shot the adult gorilla. Although professionals say that he didn’t have good intentions towards the infant, many people think otherwise. This is a lot like the professionals in the story, “A Television Drama”, they saw the suspect and scene very differently than Carolee did. I’m not saying that Carolee was wrong but her speculations were flawed. She had no proof that she saw the man by the laurel hedge, or that he didn’t climb over the fence and land by her neighbors feet. The little bit at the end where she had imagined planes dropping bombs, and young marines firing, clearly shows that there was a possibility that she may have imagined seeing the suspect.

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