Science Inquiry Project Part 3 And 4

We carried out our procedure and took photos during our experiment. We let the Radishes grow for a week, so that some roots can grow.

The one on the bottom is the one with the radish seeds, the one on the top is just soil.


we moved on to the next step of the experiment and that was to test for soil erosion. So we did research and roots can help protect against soil erosion.

We imitated rainfall with the same amounts of water and in the side of the container with the clearer water is the erosion from the radish plant and the other is the one with just soil.

We then drained the water from the two containers and looked at wich one had more soil in it.

This is the amount of soil erosion from the bread pan that only had soil in it.

We immediately realized that the soil erosion from the radish plant was less.

This is how much soil erosion was caused by the radish plant.

Part 4:

a) We thought that the radish plant will protect better against soil erosion than the bread pan that only had soil in it. And we were correct there is much less soil in the container that had the radish plant.

b) Yes we did research and read that roots play a big role in protecting soil from erosion and given that the radish plant had grown some small roots, it did protect against soil erosion significantly better.


This photo clearly shows that the radish plant protected it’s soil from erosion much better than just plain soil. The container on the left holds the soil erosion from the radish plant, while the one on the right shows how terribly just plain soil protected against soil erosion.

d) I think that we could have improved our experiment a bit more if we tried this with more plants like maybe, flowers vs grass. As far as I’m concerned I didn’t spot any errors in our procedure, we followed the steps. The only thing though is that we said we would weigh the two soil erosion containers but after we drained the water it was very obvious which one has more soil in it so we didn’t have to weigh them to find that out.

e) Well we found out that our research was correct and it is a good idea to plant many plants in fields because they help a lot with preventing s

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