Life Of An Atom

Life of An Atom

Phosphorous Cycle

Hey my name is Edgar, I am a phosphorous atom. For many years, I have been at the bottom of the ocean hardening and eventually with time turning into a rock. I am now called a phosphate rock, and a little while after I have turned into a rock, through geological uplift I get brought up to the surface. When I am a phosphate rock, a little while after. I will be eroded and then I will be released from the rock, and now I will go into soil, or streams. If I am in the soil than I will be taken up by plants but, if I am in the streams than I will go into the ocean and become sediments and my cycle will start all over again.

Carbon Cycle

Hello, my name is Callie and I am a Carbon atom. So, I usually hang out in the atmosphere, in the atmosphere I am not only called Carbon, I am called Carbon Dioxide. I will then get absorbed and taken up by what we call producers, but are also known as plants. After that the plants will make my Carbohydrates into photosynthesis, this feeds the plants by taking energy from the sun. Its pretty cool how I can help with that. After a while, when the plants have a good supply of carbon, animals will come along and eat the plants. The animals will now have taken me with them, this way I am passed along the food chains.

Nitrogen Cycle

Hi, my name is Neal and I am a Nitrogen atom. Fun fact, me and my other nitrogen buddies make up around 78% of the atmosphere. Since I am in my ‘Gaseous Form’ I am not able yet to be used by other organisms. I must go through a process which is called being ‘Fixed’ until I can be of use to other organisms through out my cycle. I am ‘Fixed’ by bacteria in the atmosphere, then I will be brought up to be consumed by plants. Than the animals will eat the plants that ate me and I will be inside of the animal. When it comes time, I will be brought out of the animal through, feces and other matter. I will be brought back into the soil and atmosphere and my cycle will start over again.

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