Extracting DNA Lab

image image image imageIn class we are learning the biology unit and we were doing a lab to extract the DNA out of frozen strawberries and half of a banana. My partner went through the procedures for the banana and I did the strawberry. First we put our fruit inside of a plastic bag and then put one spoonful of salt and two spoonfuls of soap into the bag as well. We then added 25mL into our bags and sealed them. We crushed up the ingredients inside of our bag and left them alone while setting a timer for five minutes. After the five minutes was up we poured the contents of each bag into their own test tube and poured a layer of ethanol onto the mixture and filled up 3/4 of the test tube with our mixtures. We had to wait and observe the mixes until we started to see a mucus looking material floating apart from the fruit mix to the layer of ethanol. The mucus looking material that we were looking at was the DNA. From this experiment I learned how the DNA from fruit looks like and why measuring out your ingredients it really important. Because you can’t put too much or too little of something because it could change the end results. It is an important activity to complete because it’s very interesting and it was fun and hands on. I liked it because It’s really cool to see a fruits DNA.




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