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A problem that I have that could be solved with an app is helping me to study and prepare for tests. An app that could ask you questions that will most likely be on your next test could be a useful one. It could think of formulas and questions that you could answer to increase your chance of getting a good grade on your test. The app that I chose to download is called “Tiny Cards”, the description of the app said that it would be like having little digital flash cards. When you open up the app for the first time it will ask for your name and then ask what you would like the cards to be about. There were many options things like different languages or math or science and many more. I clicked on the science category and then it brought me to a page that shows all of the different topics that they offer. They had things on humans and the solar system or the periodic table, and so much more. I clicked on the periodic table since that is what we have been learning about. The first card appeared and it was an element just like the ones on the periodic table it showed the abbreviation of the element and when you clicked on it the name of the element would come up after it taught you a few it would check to make sure that you still remembered the ones it already showed before teaching another. After a while it even got you to type in what you thought the elements name was. And it had sort of like levels after you would finish a few it would unlock another level and you would get more elements and harder ones. The bad thing was that it didn’t have much of anything else on elements like formulas and a lot of the stuff that we were tested on. It does help on somethings although I feel like it would be more useful for younger children since the questions aren’t very difficult. Overall the app was very easy to use and helpful you could also favourite certain topics so that you dont have to go through and look for them.tinycards1

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  1. Thanks for your App Review. You have outlined the Solution Fluency while sharing many details about your app. Don’t forget to not break your work into paragraphs to make it easier to read. Also, don’t only debrief the app but the Solution Fluency process you carried out as well.

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