Digital Footprint

Q.1) My digital footprint will affect my future opportunities positively because i don’t post anything mean or wrong onto my social media, and nothing bad is said about me either. I don’t bully on my social media or post mean comments on other peoples accounts.

Q.2) My three strategies are to not post any mean comments on other peoples accounts and, to not post anything bad on my profile. And not google things that i shouldn’t.

Q.3) The information that I would pass on is just basically to not do anything on the internet that they will regret later. Some students think that in order to be cool you have to type in abbreviations and post inappropriate photos of your self, and use swear word and say bad things in comments. Right now we don’t understand how important it is to use the internet appropriately and well because it will benefit us later in life. Things that we think we will regret shouldn’t be done.

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