Science puzzle sorting activity

The way that my group and I decided to sort these elements was basically by pattern and groups. First we sorted the elements based on wether they were a gas, a solid, or a liquid. Than within those groups we divided it into two more catagories based on wether they had no reaction with acid/ unknown reaction with acid or a reaction with acid.Then we decided to put the categories in rows based on what they were, a gas, solid, or liquid, we put gases at the top liquids in the middle row and solids in the final row. Within each row we looked at our two sub categories (the no reaction/unknown reaction and the reaction with acid) we put the the no reaction/unknown reaction with acid first and then the other one. We counted up the amount of ¬†grobles, bargs, and phems each element had and we put the sum’s in order from greatest to least within the rows and the sub categories. Finally to come up with the information for the two phorgum (ph) we went off of patterns and what made more sense.

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