Dance Assignment Dec.3

Please read this article in Dance Magazine attempting to delineate between Modern and Contemporary Dance:

Confused? So are the experts, evidently!

Here’s a few videos by local BC companies to further complicate the matter.

Is Ballet BC a ballet company according to this trailer?

And check out Radical System Art…combining tap and contemporary:

Genre is getting confusing indeed. Let’s learn a little more about the original innovators.

Choose one of the following (just pick a name and go!) and be ready to chat about their dance style and legacy in class tomorrow:

• Isadora Duncan
• Martha Graham
• Ruth St. Denis
• Ted Shawn
• Katherine Dunham
• José Limon
• Hanya Holm
• Merce Cunningham
• Alvin Ailey
• Trisha Brown
• Twyla Tharp

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