“Newsies” Schedule

Nov. 19 – Team Building, Sieze the Day

Nov. 20 – FINISH WORLD WILL KNOW (10minutes!!) THEN: Blocking Sieze the Day (all), Choreo Day #1, Cabaret applications go out!

Nov. 21 – Sieze the Day Choreo Day #2 (Medda and Beauties review together, Katherines review together, Pulitzers review too)

Nov. 22 – King of New York with Ms. O.! Roberge with BBs for choreo first, then blocking for Crutchies. (Jacks review together)

Nov. 23 – Sieze the Day Choreo Day #3 plus FIGHT


Nov. 26 – Sieze the Day Choreo Day #4 review and finish, Review for Pulitzer’s team

Nov. 27 – Brooklyn’s Here singing, Choreo for Pulitzer’s Team – FIRST AFTERSCHOOL REHEARSAL! NEWSIES ONLY 3:15-5

Nov. 28 – Rough blocking through all of Act 2

Nov. 29 – Run That’s Rich, The World Will Know, Katherine’s Solo, Sieze the Day, Santa Fe, Crutchie’s Solo, The Bottom Line (both)

NOTE: no after school rehearsal (METFest)

Nov. 30 – Cabaret applications due! Open rehearsal for Cabaret.

Afterschool rehearsals:

Tuesday: Dec. 4 NEWSIES ONLY


Tuesday Dec. 11 (3:15-5), Thursday Dec. 13 (3:15-5) – ALL

(Note: Saturday Dec. 15 CANCELLED)

Sunday rehearsal? Dec. 16

Holiday Cabaret Tech/Dress Tues. Dec. 18 (3:15-5)

Holiday Cabaret Fundraiser Thursday Dec. 20 (call time 6:30)

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