State Change Lab



Today we did a lab where we observed chemical and physical changes when chemicals mix.

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8. Some chemical changes I saw in the bag were that the substance became bubbly a warm, not like it was in its previous state (blue liquid+white powder+little balls of white). Some physical changes I noticed were the form (from solid and liquid to bubbly liquid) and colours (white and blue to yellow)










Today we played around with Obleck (corn starch mixed with water) and had lots of fun! The Obleck acts like a solid and a liquid at the same time! If you touch it slowly it kind of melts but if you hit it fast it stays hard. At first when we tried to make it into a block/ball it always melted in our hands and wouldn’t shape into anything. Later, however it kind of dried up a bit and therefor it was easier to make a ball out of it. Now the question is, is it a liquid? Or a solid? I think that it’s an extremely viscous liquid. I don’t think that it’s a solid because I believe that a solid should stay hard unless it begins to melt in which case it would be becoming a liquid. Obleck is a very strange substance, it feels like it’s stuck almost right in the middle between solid and liquid, but in the end I see it as more of a liquid than a solid