Edible DNA Model



Today in in class we created edible DNA models. The marshmallows represent the nucleic bases (A, G, C, T) and the Twizzlers represent the double helix.





We examined our cheek cells under a microscope and took some pictures. In order to see them clearly we dyed the cells blue with methyl blue stain.

My Scale of the Solar System project

Here is a map I created of our Solar System.

I placed my map in New York! The Statue of Liberty being the sun and the Empire State Building as the Earth. The way I placed the planets is, I used astronomical units (AU) and my scale (the distance from the sun to earth). The distance from the sun to earth was 8330m. So to find where Mercury should be placed I multiplied 8330 by 0.387 (Mercury’s distance from the sun in AU’s). I did the same with Venus to Neptune and the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Static Electricity “Race”

In this lab we did  a race to see which rulers could spin the fastest using static electricity. Though a lot of the groups’ rulers were not moving as fast as we excepted (including mine), we still had fun and fit to learn which materials were better to use in producing static charge. 😀


Here are some photos and videos from the lab we did on static electricity.