Compare and Contrast Essay: Corrections

2 things I did well:

-I integrated the quotes from the sources well and picked the right ones to support my arguments!

-My conclusion is well written and I left off by wrapping up my idea but also leaving one last point to make it more interesting.

2 things I could improve on:

-I could improve on my hook and think more about it when starting my essay

-I could try using less commas and making my sentences more concise

My corrected essay:

Compare and Contrast Essay-1dlxz12


“The Watch” by Elie Wiesel

The Germans fled once they knew they were losing. I went in to take a photo of the poor Jews and I saw the result of what those Nazis were doing. It was terrible, all of them were so skinny, their bones were practically popping out of their skin. All this time they hadn’t eaten a decent amount of food, starving, on the brink of death. Their wooden bunk beds creaked constantly as they moved. If they moved, most of them were practically dead. On top of this they layed their heads on metal dishes when they slept. They had no real pillows and only the little amount of grey, dirty clothes on their backs to cover them. I felt cold shivers just looking at them; however, those cold shivers contrasted with the warm musty feeling in the room with all these body’s crammed together. The cold warmth combines with the foul stench of urine, feces, sweat and worst of all, death. As I took the picture, I felt horrified and disgusted at the evil people behind this. 


If Each Finch Had a Superpower What Would They Be?

We all know the Finch’s, a family of fine folks who live in Maycomb county. Atticus is a simple lawyer who takes care of his children Jem and Scout as a single father. Scout is a young tomboy who’s ready to pick a fight when someone’s not right and her older brother Jem is reasonable and kind. Jem is also brave in many ways as he won’t turn down a dare but also understands what it means to have real courage. They are pretty cool as they are but they’re just regular people. What if these fine folks, had superpowers?
1.) I believe that, if Atticus had a superpower it would be related to his wisdom and great intelligence. That’s why I chose a power associated with the brain for Atticus. Even though he is the deadest shot in maycomb county, I think that his wisdom overpowers his amazing hand-eye coordination. The power I chose, is telepathy, or the power to read minds and communicate silently.
2.) In Scout’s case, I think Super Strenght would be fitting. This is because Scout isn’t one to really think it through before getting into a fight or defending her father. Also when she’s upset or mad she always shows it; she definitly does not bother hiding her feelings. Another reason I picked this power for Scout is because I can definitly imagine her accidentally punching a tree down when she’s angry.
3.) Finally, for Jem, I had to think hard because I couldn’t think of anything right away that would suit him. After I thought for a bit I realized that he has a great sense of bravery, from the beginning of the novel when he wouldn’t turn down a dare, to the end where he learned, from Atticus, another meaning of courage. To represent his bravery I chose pyrokinesis, or the ability to control fire.

Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna Offers a Big Plate of Greece With a Side of Great Experiences

Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna Offers a Big Plate of Greece With a Side of Great Experiences

You may have to wait a while to be seated, but the fantastic Greek experience coming is worth it. Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna is pleasant and cozy due to the warmth flowing from the people conversing as plates and forks clink. Stepho’s is a lovely place to bring family for plenty of delicious food. It’s also a great place to bring a date and get to know each other in this perfect “candle-lit dinner for two” setting. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with Greek themed plates and little sculptures which really bring the vibe of Greece. The wonderful view of the street in Vancouver through the wide window also helps brighten the restaurant during the day. Not only do they give you enough food to satisfy hunger for the night but it tastes divine. The juicy, savoury lamb skewers with a refreshing Greek salad on the side along with scrumptious potato wedges and the beautifully well cooked rice are one of the best reasons to live. The crunchy bread crumb shell with the chewy squid inside the calamari (with tzatziki sauce to dip it in) is a well made decision when it comes to choosing an appetizer. I’ve tried calamari from other restaurants but Stepho’s is by far the reigning champion. It may take time for your food to make its way to you but it’s definitely worth the wait. Once you feel the warm plate full of food there’s no going back. The waiters and waitresses always serve you with a smile and are very polite. They bring complimentary mints with the bill to freshen breath or just to enjoy as a small treat. Speaking of the bill, the prices are affordable and justly match the amount and tastiness of the food as well as the great experience. I have been to this restaurant on many occasions, such as birthdays or family members visiting and each of my experiences there were amazing. I always want to go back there to create more great memories with the people I love and of course, to enjoy my favourite menu items.

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Volcano Kilauea

This is a photo of the volcano known as, Kilauea. Kilauea is a shield volcano which is the biggest type of volcano to form. These type of volcanoes form over hot spots and their eruptions aren’t as explosive as composite volcanoes (composite volcanoes are smaller in size but have greater eruptions). When magma comes up some gas gets trapped underneath which causes pressure to build up. Once there’s too much pressure the volcano erupts. When Kilauea erupts, the magma that flows out is thinner and less viscous than the magma that would flow out of a composite volcano or other type of volcano. Shield volcanoes are known to erupt the least viscous lavas.

Photo Source:

“Film I Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano.” WetSand. N.p., 16 July 2015. Web. 19 Jan. 2017.



           Metagenomics, also known as environmental genomics, ecogenomics and community genomics, is a powerful tool used for the analysis of microbial communities. Metagenomics studies environmental samples which are taken directly from nature, so no prior cloning or culturing is needed. Metagenomics has allowed the detailed examination of many unculturable and unknown microbes which is helping to change and advance the field of microbiology.



Metagenomics was first proposed by Norman R Pace in 1985 although the term “metagenomics” was first used in publication in 1998. Those who first used this term were Jo Handelsman, Jon Clardy, Robert M. Goodman, Sean F. Brady, and others.


Source: Norman R Pace

Two technologies used in metagenomics are shotgun sequencing and high throughput sequencing. Shotgun sequencing is a method used to sequence long DNA strands. This process includes cutting DNA and sequencing each short fragment then rebuilding them into a consensus sequence. This process shows the genes that are in the sample taken from the environment. Shotgun metagenomics reveals information about the present organisms and the possible metabolic processes in the community. With this much data being revealed just with this process, cloning, previously used to make the process easier, is no longer needed. High throughput sequencing uses pyrosequencing 454 to determine the order of nucleotide bases using the “sequencing by synthesis” principle. 3 other technologies used in high throughput sequencing are the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine, the Illumina MiSeq or HiSeq and the Applied Biosystems SOLiD system. These technologies produce smaller fragments than another technology but, they are advancing and they give more sequence reads than the other technology. This also doesn’t require cloning the DNA before the process which removes bias and extra labour.

Source: 454 Life Sciences

            Metagenomics can be applied in so many ways, including in medicine, biofuels, and environmental remediation. In medicine, we know that microbial communities are very important when it comes to human health. However, we still don’t know exactly how these microbial communities are helping to preserve human health. There is research being conducted to characterize these microbial communities and to gain a better understanding of them for medical purposes (more on this later). Also, knowledge and understanding of microbial communities can help with the understanding and production of biofuel. To deconstruct biomass in an efficient way, new enzymes that effectively produce at a higher rate and cost less are needed. The targeted examining and testing of enzymes applied in biofuels is allowed by the metagenomic approach of analyzing complex microbial communities. As for environmental remediation, understanding how microbial communities deal with the pollution in the environment can help us figure out some new strategies to deal with pollution and to help the environment. Other applications include, agriculture, biotechnology and ecology.


Source: Watershed Discovery

Metagenomics has greatly advanced our knowledge on microbial communities by allowing us to see more of the biodiversity we could not previously see using traditional methods. It has opened our eyes to unknown microscopic life which can help us in various ways just by studying and understanding it. This knowledge can be used in various fields, such as medicine. Metagenomics is being used to study and understand the microbial communities that reside in our digestive systems. 124 individuals that are either healthy, overweight or who are patients of irritable bowel disease were being studied. This was in order to categorize the phylogenetic diversity of the gastrointestinal bacteria as well as the depth of these bacteria. Metagenomics was also used in another project. This study was conducted to determine wether there is a core human microbiome, this will help us understand the changes in the microbiome that can be linked to human health.


Source: Metagenomics is Changing Medicine

Metagenomics has the potential to change the world because it has revealed a lot more of the diversity in microorganisms that could not be revealed using the traditional microbiology methods. In addition, the costs for DNA research are becoming less and less as time goes on which allows studies on microbial ecology to be more detailed and on a greater scale with metagenomics. This can be very helpful in many important fields and applications such as medicine, environmental remediation, biofuels and more! In summary, metagenomics has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the living world thanks to its ability to show us more of the diversity in microscopic life which we couldn’t see before!

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