Capital Punsihment in “Two Fishermen”

Canada used to use capital punishment but eventually took it out of the Canadian Criminal Code in 1976. When it was first introduced in 1865 it was used for criminals who committed rape, treason or murder but this changed as time went on.  In the early 60’s rules changed to only use capital punishment for premeditataed murder or the murder of a police officer, warden or guard. Then the last executions were carried out and as I mentioned before, capital punishment was taken out of the Criminal Code in 1976. According to this history, if the short story “Two Fishermen” written by Morley Callaghan, were taking place in Canada it would’ve likely taken place in the 1940’s or 1950’s because that was before there was any rule change on capital punishment.

Continuing on from “Two Fishermen” Thomas Delaney was put on death row for murdering the man who molested his wife. I do not believe he should’ve been put on death row because this crime was emotional, his crime does not merit death row (according to modern rules) and after spending a long time in jail he could likely change and know what he did was wrong. Delaney really could’ve spent about 20 years in jail instead of being killed because what he did was out of emotion for his wife and after that amount of time he could regret what he did and it’s not likely he would kill anyone again (assumed from the fact that he murdered for a specific reason that is not likely to repeat).

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