If Each Finch Had a Superpower What Would They Be?

We all know the Finch’s, a family of fine folks who live in Maycomb county. Atticus is a simple lawyer who takes care of his children Jem and Scout as a single father. Scout is a young tomboy who’s ready to pick a fight when someone’s not right and her older brother Jem is reasonable and kind. Jem is also brave in many ways as he won’t turn down a dare but also understands what it means to have real courage. They are pretty cool as they are but they’re just regular people. What if these fine folks, had superpowers?
1.) I believe that, if Atticus had a superpower it would be related to his wisdom and great intelligence. That’s why I chose a power associated with the brain for Atticus. Even though he is the deadest shot in maycomb county, I think that his wisdom overpowers his amazing hand-eye coordination. The power I chose, is telepathy, or the power to read minds and communicate silently. http://otakusphere.com/2011/06/11/x-men-episode-9-its-the-telepathy-stupid/
2.) In Scout’s case, I think Super Strenght would be fitting. This is because Scout isn’t one to really think it through before getting into a fight or defending her father. Also when she’s upset or mad she always shows it; she definitly does not bother hiding her feelings. Another reason I picked this power for Scout is because I can definitly imagine her accidentally punching a tree down when she’s angry. http://fr.durarara.wikia.com/wiki/Shizuo_Heiwajima
3.) Finally, for Jem, I had to think hard because I couldn’t think of anything right away that would suit him. After I thought for a bit I realized that he has a great sense of bravery, from the beginning of the novel when he wouldn’t turn down a dare, to the end where he learned, from Atticus, another meaning of courage. To represent his bravery I chose pyrokinesis, or the ability to control fire.http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/Natsu_Dragneel_%26_Gajeel_Redfox_vs._Sting_Eucliffe_%26_Rogue_Cheney

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