The Taming of the Shrew Stop Motion Induction Scene Project

This stop motion video is based on the induction scene from William Shakespeare’s, The Taming of the Shrew. The induction is the main story of the play while the inset is the story being told within the story. I show this in my video by playing out the induction scene and then at the end, I show that inset is about to start. I demonstrate this in my stop motion video by displaying the actors and the stage (brown piece of paper) at the end and explaining what the induction and inset are. Also, by using stop motion I have simplified the story so that it’s easier to understand for modern audiences. It also provided a nice visual and gave me the opportunity to understand the story a little better myself. Though the stop motion aspect of the video was cool, some challenges came up while filming and recording. While filming it was hard to move the little people while taking pictures at the exact same time. It also required a lot of time to draw everything and to take each photo. While recording, I sometimes had to re-record because of some mistakes I made and background noise. Though it was somewhat challenging I did learn a few things about the apps that I used and about the story itself. With the apps I learned that I could change the volume of the recordings and change the speed of the videos. I also understood the story and what took place a bit better by simplifying the characters’ lines and the narration.

By: Nour


  1. Nour,
    OMG, that is so good!! I cant believe you drew the whole thing. The animation is fantastic, very well drawn. Great explaining the insect.

  2. I really like the drawings and the way you described the induction, I really like how detailed you have everything. I also liked how you described the inset in the stop motion video.

  3. Outstanding visuals Nour! All of the drawings were really well done! You had a very clear understanding of the play and what went on.

  4. Wow. I am so impressed that you drew all the pictures for this Taming of the Shrew stop motion Induction Scene video. I really liked the background music that you used as well. The music made the transitions very effective. I can see how well you understand what happened in this play.

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