1. I really know what this app is about and what it looks like thanks to your detailed review! I agree that this game looks very fun, but may not be as helpful for studying. I also like how you asked specific questions instead of asking very vague, general questions. One thing I would do for next time is to include a little description of the app layout that would support the awesome screenshots, otherwise very good review!

    • Thank you! I agree, adding more info to support the screenshots would be a great idea. I’ll definitely keep that in mind next time.

  2. Wow, great review! I found the questions you’ve used to be very beneficial. It was helpful that you were able to list the positives along with the cons. Adding your personal opinion made your review more in depth. This app looks pretty interesting. You’ve inspired me to try it out for myself.

  3. This review definitely gave me an in depth look at the app. It is really good to know your opinion on the app and I can tell what aspects of science it helps with. You answered all the questions and I might even try this app out myself.

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