Socials 10: Liberal UN Speech


Find a speech/interview from the party leader of the party you side with (or a minister)

1.) Give the context of the speech (where, when, why

Where:  United Nations General Assembly in New York

When: Sep 21, 2017

Why: To discuss Indigenous reconciliation, climate change and trade.

2.) Summarize the speech

Justin Trudeau talks about the past of the Indigenous people and their challenges such as residential schools and discrimination. He talks about how the world contributes to climate change and how no one can escape it. He talks about education being more accessible and to fix poverty and discrimination.

3.) What do they say that reveals if they are left or right wing? (provide the quotes and timestamps)

Justin Trudeau seems to be more left wing than right wing because he is in favour of community over independence, against discrimination, and will fight for causes around this. He wants to help others in a way that will benefit everyone and even help the rest of the world.

4.) Do you agree with their statements? Explain why or why not

I feel that many of his statements are useful and needed but become repetitive during this speech. Things concerning discrimination may already be fixed and I feel that he is almost holding a grudge towards the past and what has happened, but most of his statements are justified and more about the future.



Post-Secondary Event Reflection

The 3 post-secondary schools that I was most interested in were Langara because of their arts and science programs, I also liked Capilano college because of their theatre arts programs like becoming a director or set designer, I thought that the University of Manitoba was great too because they had great architecture and science programs. If I was going to post-secondary school today, I think I would go to Langara because they are close and have an arts sciences program I am interested in. I think that seeing colleges and universities before you hit grade 12 is important because it helps you decide what you want to be and where you want to go. I thought that just talking to all of the university and college representatives was the best part for me because I got to see how they all differ and are the same, helping me choose where to go for an education.

Nolan’s Goals

Every day before school I will make my bed and clean my room after school. I will do this until the end of the school year in June. I will wake up earlier to make my bed and still have enough time to get ready, set alarms, and clean my room when I get home or before bed. I will ask my parents to remind me if I happen to forget.If I forget to do it one day I will set alarms to do it, and go to bed earlier so I can wake up and make my bed without being too tired.

Academic goal

Once I get my report card, I want to see that I have at least 80% in each of my classes in both semesters of the school year.I will do all my homework on time and ask questions in class as well as be engaged in all of our work and projects. I will ask the teacher for help and ask my parents or teacher for help with homework. If I have many big projects at the same time, I will put other things aside and work on those. When finals come along, I will make the time to study for each test.


Personal goal