Jiu Jitsu Levers

A lever can be used in Jiu Jitsu to get someone into a hold, lock, or to get them to tap out. Certain parts of the body lock in place and this can be used by the opponent to put someone in submission. Jiu Jitsu uses so many of these levers that it gives us several good examples to compare to real life. Some moves use different kinds of levers, for example, an arm-bar and an Americana use a class 1 lever, while a Kimora uses a class 2 lever. All 3 of these moves use the elbow, but in different ways. An arm-bar just puts the arm in a straight locked position, while the Americana and Kimora put it in a bent position and attempt to push it past its bending/twisting point.

How Does a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner’s understanding of physics (Levers) make
him or her more effective?

People who practice Jiu Jitsu likely understand (whether it’s because of physics or not) how placement affects their attack or move. If you put your force too close to the fulcrum, your strength, control, and overall power will be lesser than if you put it further out. They also have to pay attention to where the load and fulcrum are to best place their body and their opponents body.

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