4 thoughts on “Astronomy Wonder Project

  1. Great sciencey informations but could have simplified it a bit because i have no idea what a neutrino is and some of that other stuff that went right over my head but other than that very cool mind blowing and well done

  2. This presentation is very nice I like the fact that you did Black holes because it seems like you are really into black holes. Next time I would probably have simplified the words a bit to make it easier for the people to read and try to have more images. Very nice that you used hawking radiation because it is a very important topic in black holes.

  3. I really enjoyed your presentation! Your research went into great depths and was very interesting. I liked how you explained what would happen is a black hole were to explode now, even it is not scientifically possible. For next time, I would have cut down the information a little bit and simplified a few points. Otherwise, great job!

  4. Nolan, your project was very well done. I learned a lot about black holes and I am even more interested in the topic than before. Next time, I would simplify the information so it is easier to present. Really great project!!

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