Week 12 – Math 10

This week we continued unit 7 and learned about slopes. A slope is like moving from one “nice point” to another. A nice point being a point on an exact measurement, basically on a vertex of a graph’s square. It gives you a fraction, for example 4/5. The 4 being the vertical distance you need to reach, and the 5 being the distance you need to cross horizontally. A slope is shown with the variable m, example: m = 3/2. The slope is basically telling you how steep a line is. You know the slope is correct when it always hits a nice point whenever it’s used. It should work on the same line forever.

The steepness is shown in the fraction in the form of rise/run (rise over run). The rise is y, run is x. When the rise is 0/n (0), it is a horizontal line, and n/0 is vertical, and is an “undefined” slope.

Lines can be considered negative or positive. This can be determined just by looking at them. A line facing one way is positive, and if it’s the other, its negative.



Sometimes you are given two coordinates/points, and asked to find the slope between the two. To find this, you must subtract its x’s and y’s. x_1 - x_2 and y_1 - y_2.


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