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Indigenous Podcast – “The Transformation”

How I started was I had to choose one of the two topics missing or murdered or a residential school survivor and I choose to talk about a residential school survivor. Then I got a bunch of links to help me with this podcast it was videos about the school survivor. I watched the videos, and I wrote some notes of what he said in the video. Then I circled some parts of my notes so I could write it down in topic 1, 2, and 3 and I did that in the podcast outline. Then after the outline was done, I started recording my podcast there was 6 recordings for the podcast that I didWe also had to make a cover for the podcast which is what I did I put the name of my podcast in the middle and put a color in the background. After the cover we had to do a paragraph of how we made the podcast.  That is how I made my podcast project. 



Solonas, Alfred. “Lejac Indian Residential School, Fraser Lake, British Columbia.” Indian Residential School History & Dialogue Centre, Accessed 10 November 2020.

this is were I got all my research for the podcast

Advertising Target Markets

The commercial for extra gum, Father and daughter, uses advertising techniques to make people want to buy it. I thing the target audience would be 10 and up because it is showing how a good relationship between a daughter and a dad can make good memories so these memories they can keep forever. one of the advertising techniques are transference because there was family in the commercial. the second one is emotional appeal because it shows the dad and daughter having joy. they also get emotional at the end because the dad didn’t realize that the daughter was keeping all the origamis that they had made threw the years. after watching this commercial I realize that their is so many good ways to make memories with kids.

internet article practice

time machines

A time machine is where you can go threw to and go to the past. Whatever you do in the past it will effect what will happen in the future. In the story they used the time machine to get to a dinosaur and back. They also used it to drop of Eckels in the future.

DeLorean time machine - Wikipedia 



Hunting is where they go out into the forest and they look to hunt things. Things they hunt for are animals for  stores and they will go and kill pigs cows sheep and deer for dinner. In Sound of Thunder they went into the past to go hunting. The thing they hunted was a dinosaur.

10 Natural Ground Blinds That Keep You Hidden from Deer | Outdoor Life

newspaper practice-Harrison Bergeron

 Boy Dances with Ballerina, Both Shot Dead

Noah Woodward

This weekend, Harrison Bergeron, after ripping off his handicaps, went up with a ballerina and started dancing and both ended up being shot and killed.

Harrison Bergeron was the one that was shot and killed after escaping from jail. He showed up on the live telecast he ripped off his handicap guards and goes up to the ballerina and ends up dancing with the ballerina and they both were shot and killed while dancing together. Harrison Bergeron" Audiobook - Kurt Vonnegut Jr. - YouTube

communication timeline

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Email was created in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson. Ray Tomlinson was credited with that invention and he invented for ARPANET however Shiva Ayyadurai also inventing email around the same time when he was only 14. In 1990s regular people were using email for life reasons. Chat rooms were first created in 1980 by Alexander Sandy Trevor in Columbus Ohio. Ancestors include network chat software such as UNIX “talk” used in the 1970s to today, began to take off in the mid-1990s. AOL similar functionality was offered by Modern, internet-wide, qui-based messaging clients as they known cu-seeMe in 1992. Yair Goldfinger the founding company of ICQ, mirabils was established is June 1996 by five Israel developers. ICQ was created in November 1996 the developers got the name from an English phrase “I seek you”. Apple iPod was invented on October 23rd 2001. It was created for a media players and a multi-purpose pocket computers created by the people at apple inc. about 8 ½ months after the iPod came out apple released the iTunes. on January 7th, 2007 was created, apple INC. CEO Steve Jobs unveils the apple iPhone-touchscreen mobile phone with an iPod, camera and web browsing capabilities among other features-at the mac world in San Francisco.