What went wrong with today’s lab?

Today’s lab in theory worked. Due to having too many variables the lab failed. Multiple students came up with many different distances and therefore resulting in very, inaccurate data.

List all the variables that disturbed our results and create a solution to make the outcome more accurate.

We should have let one person record their distance and used that one persons distance in all of our formulas this would have resulted in a much more accurate lab.

Why do you need more than one seismometer station to find the epicentre of an earthquake? Why is one not enough?

With only one seismometer it doesn’t tell us where the earthquake is, just how big the earthquake is, by converting the measurement into a radius then we can see where the quake happened, by using at least 3, we can find the middle ground between all of them and figure out the epicentre.

Why do you think identifying an epicentre location is important for our  society?

By identifying the epicentre we can figure out where the quake happens and find the pattern, considering earthquakes happen from plates shifting, if we didn’t record this data we wouldn’t realize the pattern. We could lose thousands of lives to simply not realizes the Accurnace. 

How could we use this data in an emergency response situation?

If for some reason the seismometers aren’t working this is a small scale manual way to find the epicentre of the quake.