Michael Foster, a young ambitious journalist torn between friendship and social acceptance in Morley Callaghan’s “Two Fishermen.” The amateur writer is a long legged young male who is filled with curiosity. Foster wants friends, but would rather be accepted in the grand scheme of his community. Just the thought of it could tear foster in the two, “Here, give them to me.’ Still in a fury, he snatched the fish, and threw them one at a time at the little man just as he was getting up from the road”, (Callaghan 4). As a man on the street rips the fish that smitty gave to foster right out of his hands he does nothing but watch. Foster is a strong communicator; smitty a relatively closed off character opens up to foster as they share an outing on the lake but his charm comes with a price, we also see he has commitment issues when he doesn’t show up to fish with smitty the second time around “I thought I’d see you here. You didn’t get down to the pier at dawn?”, (Callaghan 3). The reader hears smitty’s distress, as his new friend might not be who he thinks he is.