I eat a decent amount of food every day and almost all of it has some type of packaging. The only food that I eat that don’t have packaging is either some of the fruits I eat like an apple or a banana or some vegetables like peppers. The food that I consume that is in the fridge is almost always plastic. Between the cheese strings and different snacks. The second most common is cardboard. I eat a lot of cereal very week and the boxes that the cereal that I buy comes in cardboard boxes. There is rarely any Styrofoam in any of the food we have packaged. The only time that there is Styrofoam is when my family is gotten takeout or when we’re taking home leftovers. I think they material was chosen due to how much exposure to air to needs as well as cost and size of the food. Takeout restaurants want to save money so they will go with the cheapest option available if they are smart. Fruits like blueberries and strawberries have cutout holes in the plastic because it could need the exposure to air. Size and quantity can make a difference in type of packaging used as well. You wouldn’t need to put Styrofoam around cereal it just is too big in size. There are positives and negatives to packaging. The positives are that the food is being held in something so it’s not rolling around and getting mixed in with other foods in the fridge or pantry. The negative is that it’s not good for the environment. We aren’t helping the planet by cutting down trees to use them for cardboard and plastic going into the ocean. After we have finished with the food that was being held in packaging its either recycled and doesn’t destroy the planet or its dumped and ends up not helping the planets environment. Where the packaging goes depends on the material the packaging is made of. Some materials are compostable so they go into compost while some materials will be in a truck and dropped somewhere. It will then be there for a minimum of a couple days to over 100 years. If you have food waste, you put it in your green waste that is then going to be used as compost that will help the soil in your surrounding area. This can benefit the planet. There are a couple of ways that you can reduce your waste. One way is use reusable materials. If you use reusable materials, you can use it again and again.  Another way is to buy food that don’t need to be held in packaging. If you don’t use packaging it will decrease. Finally use packaging that can decompose and won’t decompose in 100 years. 

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