Socials 10 Human Rights Reflection Debate Paragraphs

Reflection Question: Do you think that governments todayReflection Question: Do you think that governments today should be held responsible for decisions and actions taken by previous governments? Frist of all, governments today should be responsible for the past governments’ decisions and actions due to the…

Post-WWII Global Conflicts Timeline

(This is my timeline of ten global conflicts that happened after WWII and how Canada had a role in most of them:) Post-WWII Global Conflict Timeline [Autosaved] [Autosaved]-2j0a6q8  

ESM Scenario

(This is my demonstration of what to do if a human causality is choking, goes unconscious, and later is in cardiac arrest, which has been split in three parts (with a link you need to click to get to the third one) 🙂 IMG_1435-26fwvxn  …

Battle Of Britain Infographic

(This is my WWII Battle Of Britain Infographic for Socials !0:)