About Me

Hello, Riverside 😀! I’m Nj ( or Nyssa. Whatever you prefer) and welcome to my blog. I’m part of musical theatre, flight club, and the improv team. You probably have seen one of my posts on the edublog site or any one of The Eddy articles ( I’m under Nj Estrella). Well, enjoy the blog. 👍🏻✍🏻🍦

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This was the launch of my shuttle held on May 31th 2017, It was really unexpected and I enjoyed every moment of it:


A set of photos of a model rocket I did in Ms.Della’s Flight club from the launch above. 



 Well here are my favourite websites\ my own personal achievements from my 2016-2017 Journalism 9 course: 

This here is also an article about me hosting the 2017 Music Department Winter Concert (though it wasn’t written by me):


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