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Protein Synthesis

Protein Synthesis

Describe the process of translation: initiation, elongation, and termination.
There are 3 steps to the process of translation; initiation, elongation, and termination. Initiation is when mRNA is bind by the ribosome subunit, then the 2 ribosome subunits are binded together. Elongation is when ribosome holds mRNA and allows tRNA to attach to the binding sites. The mRNA is the codon, and the tRNA is the anticodon. The amino acid continues to grow and A-site reads next mRNA codon and brings in the matching tRNA. The amino acid chain from the tRNA in the P-site is transferred to the tRNA in the A-site. Termination involves a stop codon, Ribosome lets go of mRNA, tRNA lets go of polypeptide.
How did today’s activity do a good job of modelling the process of translation? In what ways was our model inaccurate?
The model did a good job of showing translation, and it helped to further understand the topic when we are given a visual assignment, to really make the process more understandable.

nimaa2015 • April 15, 2019

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    Great subject. – Nadika

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