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Welcome to my blog I’m Nikolay.  I’m in grade nine, I come to school here, I have 2 siblings and a mother who goes to work at five thirty am four days a week. How do I get here every day you may ask? Well when my mom has work, I wake up at six thirty and get ready for the bus that comes at seven, which takes me to the bus station, from where I take a train, yes a train at the bus station, that train brings me to Poco and finally, I take one last bus to make the walk to riverside easier.

photo by Преображенский собор


This is a picture of Russia. Many of you may not know this but I am Russian. I was born in a small town in Russia named Perm and when I was six months old my family and I left to go to Canada for a better life.

I picked this background because I really can relate to it when I’m feeling sad. I feel the emotion with the person in the photo on a shore all alone with peacefulness. (It’s really calming for me.)

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  1. Hey Nikolay! This is a great improvement over the older blog appearance, though I think the info here might be missing some punctuation, especially commas.

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