Week-2 Math 10

One thing I learned this week in math 10 is when you have a question that requires you to do the power law, multiplication law and the division law, it doesn’t matter which you start with, you just have to do it right.

In this preticular question I chose to do the power law first to get rid of the exponent on the outside of the first bracket. I find if you always do the the power law first you’re more likely to do the question without any mistakes. When you do the power law you multiply the exponents as well as the exponent with the coefficient.

Next I chose to do the division law, meaning you subtract the exponents but you always leave the coefficients because the small numbers don’t associate with the big numbers.

Finally I did the multiplication law, to combine the same variables and add the exponents and multiply the whole numbers. Again never combining them together.


week 1- math 10

This week in Math 10 we learnt how to find the lowest common multiple (LCM) of a number. One of the questions I struggled with was on page 14 and question 5d. It asked for the the LCM of 40, 60, 100.

First you would have to do a prime factorization of the three numbers. whether it be a factor tree or a division table. Personally a factor tree is easier for my to understand and figure out the right answer quickly.

After you do that you find the prime numbers and group the ones that all have in common.

In each group of numbers you find the biggest group of numbers and multiply them together to give you the LCM and in this case it is 600