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Quote: “Don’t let someone dim your light simply because it’s shining in their eyes.”                               -unknown 

I chose this quote because i am loud and lots of people don’t like it when I’m loud which in this case is the light. I don’t care if they don’t like it If I’m loud and in this case I don’t dim the light for them.


I chose this video because I like unicorns and this song. Mostly because of the unicorn bit.


I chose this picture because this is a picture of my dog and her name is ruby. This is my first ever dog and she is special to my entire family.

Hyperlink: Painting

I chose the picture on the website because I really like painting. I am now trying to do water colours but so fair I am not to good but there is always room to improve. Yes I know the website is not English but it is just for the picture.


Thank you for reading. 😀

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