Build A Volcano Lab

Response Questions:

  1. I noticed that the flow was very slow.  It almost looked like the “lava” was moving from the bottom dragging the top along with it.
  2. After watching the Hawaiian eruption video i noticed the lava turns into like a solid rock form, which I thought was cool because I didn’t know it did that.  I also noticed that things didn’t really set on fire, even though lava is super hot.  Everything was just damaged and buried in the lava.  The lava just covered the entire landscape.
  3. Volcanic activity is important for places like Hawaii because its how the islands are formed.  With these types of volcanoes they move along and create new ones as the pressure builds.  Without this volcano Hawaii probably wouldn’t be a thing.
  4. People seemed to think it was a very cool event.  Which I totally agree, although they did mention how devastating it was for the people who lost their homes, but they did seem very used to volcano eruptions.
  5. If the Coquitlam mountain erupted, we would not be prepared or used to it.  I feel like people would be more rattled and affected here because its not a normal thing.  Life would be ruined and coming back from it would be tough.  Because we are a large city and Hawaii seems to be more “not city” like
  6. . Here is our backyard Volcano!  My group members were: Mackenzie, Julie, and Mike! 

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