Now and Then

Now 2018-1kearr1 Then 1964-w7i5ye

Adolescence “now” are different yet similar to adolescence “then”.  These days we go to school from Kindergarten to grade 12.  When my grandparents were growing up they had school from grade 1 to 11.  Part time jobs were common for both me and my grandparents, when they were teens.  The difference is they had work in the morning and school in the evening, whereas now school comes first, and it is not required for you to get a job.  Having a car at the age of 16 is very normal nowadays, but back then it was rare for a family to even own a car, especially in the country my grandparents were growing up in.  Since they grew up during a time where war was common, I feel like adolescence learned more loyalty and independence.  These days we are independent, but not in the way that we need to start providing for our families at a young age, or that we need to drop school to support the family.  I feel like adolescence then had more fun then we do now.  Back then they would go outside and do actual activities, then by the evening they would have parties and dances.  Adolescence today has parties as well, but the way my grandparents talked about their evenings, they sounded more eventful.  I would not want to grow up in a different era, although I would bring things from adolescence then to today.  Their sense of adventure, how people were actually kind to one another, and even just things they used to do like drive in movies etc.  Adolescence “now” and “then” have their differences, but some things never change.

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