How can YOU make a difference in the world?


In the “Down to My Last Million” social experiment video, this man first dresses up as a millionaire who is down to his last million, he was trying to see who would collect more money. A millionaire or a homeless man? When he dressed up as the millionaire he collected $3.57, people were talking to him and even starting conversations.  When he dressed up as a homeless man, people avoided him and he collected zero dollars, he even got kicked out of the area he was in, just because he was “homeless”, but when he was a millionaire they didn’t care that he was asking for money from people. We as humans aren’t very good at being sympathetic sometimes, but when we are it makes a huge difference in the world. This video is a great example of the type of cruelty humans can have, but at the end when the man gave the money he collected to a real homeless man, he himself made a difference in the world. 

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