what I learned in math this week

this week in math I learned how to identify functions.

You can identify them in different ways, depending on how your data is presented:

arrow diagram: if one input has more than one arrow it is not a function rel1   So in this example it is not a function because one input has more than one arrow pointing to an output.

Ordred pair: If you have more than one ordered pair with the same input value, but different outputs, its not an output.  (2,3)(3,3)(4,3) is a function because all the input values are different.

Graphs: If it passes the vertical line test it is a function. If a vertical line passes the graph more than once it is not a function.verticallinetest_1000 So in this example the image on the left doesn’t pass the vertical line test because a few vertical lines pass through the graph more than once. The image on the right does pass because the vertical lines only pass thought the graph once.

*One thing to always remember is that one output may correspond to multiple inputs and it will still be a function. *

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