The Veldt Summative Assignment

Our Downfall, Our Fault

The sense of feeling connected

Like moths to flames

We haven’t yet noticed that our actions cause us pain

Feeling deprived of what we really need

Thinking that the click of a button is how we connect and learn

Really though it is creating a world filled with

Zombies who don’t know how to do or feel

Thinking that we, the creators, have control over what we created

But the tables have turned

Technology is now our “savior” our “go to”

In person we have lost our voices to speak

Believing that technology is our only way to be real

But really we have lost ourselves

Feeling lonely when we aren’t alone

Now everything is gone

We are making our way towards our downfall

And our “savior” will not be our “go to” anymore

The sense of feeling connected will be wanted

But if it’s too late it won’t be an option




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