Independent Investigation

Our class got to create our own science labs and try them out so this is what I did:

  1. My question was:  What burns faster, crayon wax, birthday candle wax or a scented candle in 10 minutes?
  2. My hypothesis was:  I think the crayon will burn faster because of the paper around it which will create a larger/ hotter flame.  Causing it to burn faster.
  3. My independent variable was the different types of wax, I also changed the size of my waxes.  My dependant variable was the heights of the candle.  My controlled variable was that they all had wax, some sort of wick and they were also all lit inside the same room.
  4. I have learned that the birthday candle burnt the fastest.  My hypothesis was incorrect, although the crayon did have the largest and hottest flame, it did not burn the fastest.  I believe it was because the width of the birthday candle was the smallest so it burnt the quickest.
  5. If I were to do this experiment again I would make sure that all the candles were lit at the same time.  Also I would measure not only the height, but the width too.  Maybe the crayon would’ve burnt faster if it had a real wick instead of using the paper around it.  So I would also take the paper off the crayon and put a wick in it instead,IMG_2648IMG_2645

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