Indigenous Podcast

Nick.T and John Luis
for this podcast we first did our research about David Striped wolf and wrote a script for us to read off of. We explained key topics about the story and did a lot of research to do this podcast. We found free downloaded music on YouTube and incorporated the music into our podcast. The music is very faint to ensure that our voices won’t be drown out by the music. We faced many errors but overcame them  and one common problem was making times to meet and record because over the long weekend we were very busy but we managed to finish our project on time.



Life changing past

Residential School survivor

Honouring David Striped Wolf 

By: Nicholas Truong and John Luis 


  1. Opening: A quick musical jingle

We are going to use free and downloadable music from YouTube.


  1. Introduction: A monologue style introduction introducing your hosts and what you will talk about on your show


Hi my name is Nicholas Truong and here is my partner John Luis Baladolid. Today we are going to honour David Striped Wolf and talk about his life at St Mary’s Roman Catholic School and after the residential school.


  1. Segue: Could be musical or a sound effect

Flow into one sentence into another.

No sounds to segue 

Our sentences will flow together and will sound appealing 


  1. Topic 1: Talk for about 3 minutes

Life at the residential school

Explains how his day and night was at the school

Problems and issues he encountered 

Mental and physical injuries he obtained 


  1. Vocal Segue: “We are going to move on and talk about…”

We are going to move one and talk about What was David’s life after St Mary’s? 


  1. Topic 2: Talk for about 3 minutes
  • Life after the Residential school
  • What did he do after finishing the school
  • Going back home how was he different or was he the same before he left to go to St Mary’s 
  • How big of an impact the residential school hit the community 


  1. Consider adding a sponsored message or podcast advertisement
  • We don’t have any advertisements 


  1. Musical segue
  • We are going to use sounds from creative common 


  1. Topic 3: Talk for about 3 minutes
  • How did david manage to change and turn his life around by being bad to good
  • What did he had to do to change 
  • What were common problems David faced 


  1. Closing remarks, thank the audience, guests, what will be on the next show
  • Thank you for tuning in and sparing your time to listen to david’s story. 


  1. Closing musical jingle

Free and downloadable music from YouTube 


  1. Calls To Action (CTA)
  1. 17. P.G-29.   1: we call all levels of government to enable residential school survivors and their families to reclaim names changed by the residential school system by waiving administrative costs for a period of five years for the name change process and the revision of official identity documents such as birth certificates, passports, drivers licenses, health cards, status cards and social insurance numbers
  2. 21. P.G-32 2: we call upon the federal government to provide sustainable funding for existing and new aboriginal healing centres to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harm caused by residential schools, and to ensure that the funding of healing centres in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories is a priority.
  3. 73. P.G-74 3: we call upon the federal government to work with the churches and aboriginal community leaders to inform the families of children who died at the residential schools of the child’s burial location, and to respond to families wishes for appropriate commemoration ceremonies and markers, and rebuttal in home communities where requested


MLA sources 

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Week 8

I learned how to identify X,Y intercepts

X intercept 0 represents Y, so Y is always 0 (X,0)
Y intercept 0 represents X, so X is always 0 (0,X)

this helps to identify what steps need to be done in the equation.

in the equation 3x+5y=30 (X,0) (10,0) (0,Y) (0,6)

X intercept


3x=30 Now you have to get rid of the multiplying 3 by dividing by 3 and what ever you do to one side you do to the other.





Y intercept


5y=30 Now you have to get rid of the multiplying 5 and divide it by 5. What ever you do to one side do to the other.





Week 7

I learned 5 different ways to represent relations.

table of values, ordered pairs, graphs, equation and mapping diagram.

There are many ways to represent relations but I prefer ordered pairs because finding the input and outputs are easy and showing the relations are simple.

(1,2) the input/X is always on the left side, output/Y is on the right side.

(2,4) x=input              y=output



Week 5

I learned how to use foil. FOIL stands for First, Outside, Inside and last.

To use foil you can use it to solve binomials such as

( x+2) (x+2)

first is x(x)=x2

Outside is x(2)=2x

Inside is 2(x)= 2x

last is 2×2-4



Week 6

There is a pattern to factor polynomials. By looking at the last two numbers you can write the multiples that go into each individual numbers.

The GCF  will  equal  your  middle  and  last  term.

GCF of 10=2×5
The 2×5=10


the middle term will be both 2+5

the last term will be 2×5


Writing type assignment


In my Game design document it took some time to create and to format all the information I have gathered and present it into a visually appealing PowerPoint. What I have done was take a chunk of the story, “A Sound of Thunder”, and incorporated the story into my game design document. During the time that I was making my game design document I did not have enough information to make my game look like an actual action based game, so I created a new plot with some of the same information from the original and incorporated the two and combined them as one to make the storyline better. The original story was a Narrative type and I wanted to stay on the same path so I stuck with the narrative writing type ,but  I used expository and descriptive writing in my game design document so my PowerPoint is easily scannable. There were many things I learned in making my Game design document but one that was the most important thing was that I learned how to incorporate two writing styles in one, expository and descriptive while adding photos to visually show what I was thinking

Communication timeline



English 10

2019, 25, Sept

Through the years, communication has evolved so far that society can communicate through many forms such as Skype, IMessage, phones etc. In the timeline it shows the different forms of communication through the years as a fact of continuity. The example that is shown in the timeline are evolved from one another such as the portable phone, which soon developed into the Walkman then the iPhone 2G. The portable phone which could make phone calls on the go without the use of being connected to a wire sparked many ideas which caused a chain reaction in society. Sooner or later through decades of thoughtful thoughts social media was created due to that chain reaction previous inventors sparked. The social media platform is the main keys of communicating with others, other than messaging and phone calls. Social media has become a high demand in society and main apps that are used every day in our lives change the way people see the world. Apps such as Instagram became popular because you could post pictures of a person or a video with the access to filters to make pictures more vibrant. The same chain reaction lead to the creation of Snapchat, which is also used by society daily and they created the feature called stories where the user could post a video or picture on Snapchat that others only that followed the account could see. The Deveolpment of continuity has changed the world so much that generations after generations created different ways that society now can communicate with each other and it always starts with the idea of something…