P.E. 10 First Aid videos

Scene Survey:

What I did: In both videos, I took charge, I sort of got the history of the scene, offered help, obtained consent (implied consent), I also sent someone to call for help/911 and in the heart attack video, I sent someone to get an AED, I sort of assessed responsiveness.

What I didn’t do: I didn’t assess the hazards

Primary Survey:

What I did: In the choking video, I checked the airway.

What I didn’t: In the heart attack, I didn’t check the airway. In neither of the videos, I checked breathing and Circulation.

Secondary Survey/Ongoing Casualty Care:

I didn’t do any of the steps for this.

Science 10 Rube Goldberg Machine Project

The noisemaker is designed to ring a mini glockenspiel to bring joy to your life. It can be completed in 8 easy steps.

Step A: A car (wheel and axle) is pushed, going down an inclined plane, hitting the 1st marble

Step B: The marble goes down the zip line and hits the second marble

Step C: The second ball rolls down another inclined plane and falls into the cup

Step D: The weight of the cup and the ball causes the other side of the seesaw/lever to rise up

Step E: When the other side rises up it hits the bottom of the track.

Step F: The impact causes the second car to roll down another inclined plane, hitting a bouncy ball

Step G: The bouncy ball falls down and starts bouncing, bumping into the first domino

Step H: The first domino falls down beginning a chain reaction with the rest of the dominos, which end up bumping into the mini glockenspiel, making it ring.

If any of the steps fail, simply place the mini glockenspiel on the ground and hope something falls on it.

Energy transfers: Every time something goes down an inclined plane and when the marble falls into the cup, gravitational energy is being transferred. When the car hits the first marble, sending it down the zip line, this is mechanical energy. When the second marble falls into the cup on the lever, then causes the other side to rise, this is mechanical energy. When the bouncy ball bounces and bumps the dominos, this is elastic energy.