Desmos Art Functions Card 2018

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This Desmos project helped me re-studied all the knowledge I’ve learned about graphing in Pre-Calculus 12 this year.

I started this project by finding some chibi (kind of Korean cartoon) on google and I re-draw it on my paper.


This is a fairly challenging and difficult project during the process of my work because it is difficult for me to find the right equation to create the shape I want. I have to try every number until it became the image I want. Sometimes I felt really stressed out and confused to fill in number to make the shape for my art.

I used a lot of exponential and quadratic function to create it perfectly since the day I’ve started my spring break. I decided that the first part (Head-Face) was about the draw in the x-axis and y so that I could easily adjust the curve of the face. Next, I moved to create the hair and this is the hardest part because I used 73 functions to make hair it took me 3 days to use (quadratic, semicircle, trig, radical, rational, log) and played with sketches to end up with best looks fit with some help from my friends as well. At first, I found it time-consuming to do the transformation so that the lines are connected, as well as to reach the right size and angles. However, I gradually got used to the amount of shifting the numbers affected the functions, and I was able to work faster.

After that, all others part it kind of easy to figure out the right function to put in. I could figure out most of my problems by myself then, and I learned so many things from doing this project and re-study some of it I forgot.

Generally, this project was really useful for me as well. It just wasted a lot of time to complete it. I hope it will help me to remember all the stuff from Log, Rational, Trig unit that I forgot and get ready to doing well for the final exam coming soon.

Process: 4/4
Folders: 2/2
Self-Portrait: 4/4
Holiday Card: 4/4
Equations: 6/6
Function Notation: 10/10
Creativity and Complexity of Equations: 10/10
Total mark: 40/40

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