Foods 12 September Lab (Sunflower Crepes) Reflection

  1. Because this lab was the only one that I enjoyed eating.
  2. Yes I did because the food was very delicious, and I worked well with my group.
  3. Yes it did because at the end of the lab, the food tasted yummy.
  4. Yes because we all cooperated, did are lab duties, were nice to one another, and all helped clean up afterwards.
  5. Nothing because if I just do what I did the first time I did the lab, I will work well with my group and make the food properly.

Foods 12 Waste Plan

To me, I sometimes waste food at home, school, outside, etc. I am not proud of it, but I always try my best to eat all the food off my plate. Some areas for improvement of food wasting can be, the park, School’s, workplace buildings, etc. Some suggestion’s to reduce the number of food wasting in the society are: if you are going to waste food do it in a food wasting container, don’t waste food at all, donate leftover food to starving children, save food for a later time to eat unless it has gone bad. Be a better person and take care of food properly, because food is what helps us live.

Safety with Brett

Image result for fire             1. Stay calm,   2. Move very quickly to the near exit


Image result for burns scalds 1. Pour cold water on your burn/scald to prevent the pain,  2. Treat it with first aid


Image result for chemicals       1. Be cautious,   2. Immediately treat with first aid


Image result for trips slips and falls       1. Do not run in the lab,   2. Listen to a sign that warns of a slippery floor


Related image1. Be very carful when handling sharp dangerous kitchen utensils,   2. Treat with first aid


Image result for heavy lifting1. Politely ask someone else to help you lift the heavy object,   2. Move very quickly, but safely, while carrying the heavy object


Image result for food poisoning     1. Make sure your food is cooked properly, that you followed all the steps in the receipt,   2. Do not over cook food


Image result for waste management    1. Do not litter,   2. Dispose of waste items properly in the garbage, not carelessly


Image result for personal hygiene      1. Wash your hands every time before doing a lab,   2. If you feel sick, do not come to the lab because you could spread germs on other people and on food






Reflection Residential school Paragraph

Governments should be held responsible for actions/decisions, made previously, today, because, an example: governments sent children away from their home and families to churches called Residential schools, where they were forced to change all their personality. Also, at least 6000 children died in these schools, so since those children will never be able to live again, the government, today, should still be held responsible. This is my position opinion, because there are many other actions the government has made, which ended in people dying, provinces being destroyed, families being torn apart, etc. Most of these things cannot ever be fixed, so I think there should be a life sentence for the government, for these actions/decisions.

Conflicts of Canada in the 20 century

 2. Anti-Asian riots in San Francisco, Bellingham, Washington and other West Coast cities,  3. No one was killed but the damage to Asian-owned property was extensive,  4. An informal agreement whereby the government of Japan stopped emigration to Canada.

     2. World War I,  5. Among the remembrances of this event in Canadian popular culture is the song “In Winnipeg” by musician Mike Ford.

1. Police,  2. The Great Depression, and Communist Party of Canada.