Reflection Residential school Paragraph

Governments should be held responsible for actions/decisions, made previously, today, because, an example: governments sent children away from their home and families to churches called Residential schools, where they were forced to change all their personality. Also, at least 6000 children died in these schools, so since those children will never be able to live again, the government, today, should still be held responsible. This is my position opinion, because there are many other actions the government has made, which ended in people dying, provinces being destroyed, families being torn apart, etc. Most of these things cannot ever be fixed, so I think there should be a life sentence for the government, for these actions/decisions.

Conflicts of Canada in the 20 century

 2. Anti-Asian riots in San Francisco, Bellingham, Washington and other West Coast cities,  3. No one was killed but the damage to Asian-owned property was extensive,  4. An informal agreement whereby the government of Japan stopped emigration to Canada.

     2. World War I,  5. Among the remembrances of this event in Canadian popular culture is the song “In Winnipeg” by musician Mike Ford.

1. Police,  2. The Great Depression, and Communist Party of Canada.

Multiculturalism Individual Assignment

Heritage –

Discouraged –


2. For heritage, people are celebrating the fire festival, in the heart of Scotland’s compact, Edinburgh. Discouraging, there were a number of restricted and prohibited activities that were part of the culture before the revolution.


3. Yes, because all Canadians of all races, have value and dignity.

What these 2 resources represent

Image result for being canadian




  1. Because it clearly explains what being a Canadian is about.

2. In the picture, the man is saluting, which is a big part of being Canadian.

3. I think they would view the picture, the same way I did, and the video, in a

different way, because it only explains what being a Canadian is, and people in t

hat time would of already new that.

TKAM Racism assignment



Racism, then and now

Racism is basically one race over another. Back in, let’s say the 19th century, In the US, the American Colonization Society was established as a primary vehicle for proposals to return black Americans to greater freedom and equality in Africa. But how about, instead, I’ll tell you something about a party called ‘’the Black Panther Party’’ or BPP. The BPP was a revolutionary black nationalist and socialist organization founded by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton in October 1966. This party ran until 1982, and it’s purpose was basically patrolling African American neighbourhoods to protect residents from acts of police brutality. Police brutality is basically undue violence by police officers, this exists in many countries around the world. In the late 20th century, white people symbolized a gun as power to make the black people fear. Racism was a big thing back in time, now where we are in the present, it is still a big thing, now, people go on, what’s called ‘’Strike’’ to fight for there belief, like they would hold up signs that say what they want to stop from happening and also, screaming it out. If your wandering by now, what does racism mean? Well, racism is another word for saying ‘’Racist’’. This means, for example: A white person says to a black person, ‘’Black people are stupid’’, he/she just showed discrimination against an opposite race, and also said a very mean and hurtful thing. Racism is a big thing in our world, people fight for there race, fight for belief, and fight to protect people in their race, back in the old days, racism was the same, but worked in very different ways then right now. You should ask your self this – How and why did the ways change?