TOKTW 2019

Name of my host: Sanjay Amin

Relationship to me: Dad

(Main lobby)

Job Title: District Sales Manager

Job Description: Managing sales teams all over British Columbia

Duties of this job: performing sales analysis, coaching sales people, managing customer relationships and creating sales budgets.

(Construction Equipment Warehouse)

Likes about the job: customer interaction, helping people be safer with better equipment.


[1] Why I like this job: I like this job because there are nice people working there all the time, it is interesting to have a warehouse and an office in the same building and because they sell important equipment to keep construction workers safe.

[2] Why I wouldn’t like this job: It is far away from where I live.

[3] Is this job for you? This job could be for me because I want to work in an office when I’m older and because salesmen often make good money.

[4] After high school I’m going to try to get into a university right away and get a degree to get into a well paying job


Gender Inequality Article

Women making less money than men in B.C.

1) What is this article about?

The article I chose is about how women make less money than men doing the same job around B.C. This article shows that 35% of women in B.C make less money than men for doing the exact same job as another person.

2) Who does it involve?

This article involves men and women. Also involves a B.C woman that spoke up for all women making less money than they’re suppose to.

3) Why did you choose this article?

I chose this article because it shows a very good example on how people treat different genders differently and shows how big the difference is.

4) How does this article relate to the story we are reading- The Friday Everything Changed?

This article relates to the story because it shows that women do not have as equal rights as boys do. Boys/Men are always the first to go to when you need a “harder” job to be done but girls could do the same if you asked them. For example, in the story, Ms. Ralston, the teacher, always asked the boys to get water for the water bucket because she thought the girls were incapable of doing this and that it was more of a “boy’s” job than a girl’s. In B.C this article says that women make $3,044 less income than other women across Canada. Which seems unfair because some of these jobs are the exact same thing but in different areas. Why do the same exact  job as someone else but get paid less? It doesn’t make sense. This article and story can relate because it shows that when women do something it doesn’t get enough credit versus when a man does something, of course, this isn’t always in all situations but in most. They also relate because it proves that nothing would be changed unless someone spoke up which has happened in both the article and story. 


B.C. women make less money than men and worry about it more: Survey

The Friday Everything Changed Questions

The Friday Everything Changed

  • 1)  The boys are so upset that the girls can carry the water bucket because now there is a decreased chance the boys will be able to get water.
  • 2) Their strategy is to not let the girls play baseball anymore. Alma’s cousin talks to Alma and says it is not fun anyways.
  • 3) Alma’s seat mate is the one telling the story. She always agrees with what Alma says and would stick up for Alma. The girls like Ms. Ralston’s clothes because they are nice. This story is told from a first-person view.
  • 4) The story takes place in a school after war. The conflict is Person vs Person. The boys and girls argue over who gets to carry the water. It is also Person vs. Society, girls are showing that they can do the same things boys can do.
  • 5) The protagonist is Alma. She is the protagonist because she made the argument about why girls can’t carry the water bucket.
  • 6) Everything changed on Friday because girls can now carry the water bucket and it shows gender equality and that girls can do the same as boys.

Digital Footprint

(1) How might your digital footprint affect future opportunities? Give at least two examples.

A digital footprint could be bad or good. An example of a bad one would have inappropriate things all over and no one would want to employ you or let you into a university. A good one would have good and positive things on it such as projects with effort or inspirational quotes, these could be found on the apps below. 

(2) Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

To keep your footprint safe you shouldn’t follow inappropriate accounts on social media, don’t comment negative things on Instagram posts or tweets and just don’t search anything bad. You should also try to say encouraging things on the internet to cheer people up if they might be having a bad day. You don’t even have to directly say it to someone you can just send something inspirational to them or put it on your story. 

(Inspirational quotes)

(3) What did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?

Some information I learned about this was that most things you do can be seen on the internet by anyone even if you delete it. It will always be saved somewhere. Information I would pass on would be to don’t do anything bad on the internet that will trace back to you because you could be leaving a bad impression on yourself for future opportunities. If you leave a bad digital footprint jobs would not want to employ you because of your activity online and schools may also not let you in to them. Even accounts could be traced back to you as long as you’re signed in.                   







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