TOKTW 2019

Name of my host: Sanjay Amin

Relationship to me: Dad

(Main lobby)

Job Title: District SalesĀ Manager

Job Description: Managing sales teams all over British Columbia

Duties of this job: performing sales analysis, coaching sales people, managing customer relationships and creating sales budgets.

(Construction Equipment Warehouse)

Likes about the job: customer interaction, helping people be safer with better equipment.


[1] Why I like this job: I like this job because there are nice people working there all the time, it is interesting to have a warehouse and an office in the same building and because they sell important equipment to keep construction workers safe.

[2] Why I wouldn’t like this job: It is far away from where I live.

[3] Is this job for you? This job could be for me because I want to work in an office when I’m older and because salesmen often make good money.

[4] After high school I’m going to try to get into a university right away and get a degree to get into a well paying job


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