Core Competent Canadians

What did you know about Core Competencies before this activity? What did you learn? Before this activity, I knew that the Core Competencies were the fundamentals of big ideas. Knowing the fundamentals are essential for students so that they are always mindful of their growth and development. I learned the much importance of Core Competencies. […]

Blog Log 1 This article I chose for my first blog log is if time travel exists. I am interested in this topic, because time travel very intriguing, the fact that you can go forward or back in time have always seemed cool to me. The main thing that boosted my interest in time travel was the […]

Community Connection

When debating about which career path I would choose, I first thought about what my parents both do, work in the sales portion of the companies that they work for. I became more intrigued in their field, more with my moms than dads. My mom works for the car company Nissan, and I love cars, […]

Science 9 Wonder Project

How can our societies adapt to increasing screen time? Do they need to adapt? Today we live in a world with advanced technology all around us, from Wi-Fi doorbells to smart home speakers. We use these devices to help make our life much simpler. Instead of using maps we can use a GPS, we can […]