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Foods 12 Food Waste Plan

Reflecting on the food waste in my life, I would say that I make changes in my life to reduce food waste, but ultimately, I could do better. At home, I reduce food waste by making my food in portions and saving any leftovers to eat later. At my home, we use compost and recycle by refunding cans and bottle and putting paper and plastic in the right place. At school, I also compost because the new bins make it easy to sort waste properly. I’ve also when out with friends that most places we go out to eat, also have some sort of recycling and compost system to follow. Despite my conscious efforts, like anyone, there’s room for improvement. Sometimes when I’m in a rush it seems simpler to just throw everything in the garbage cans. And when I make leftovers, food sometimes ends up getting wasted and thrown away. My brothers at home are not as eco-conscious as some and I often find things that could be recycled or composted, but I ignore it. To make progress I need a plan that’s easy to remember and keep me in line with producing less food waste and improve better organization when separating waste. I would also to learn the significance of food waste regarding the environment to give myself a clear reminder of why it’s important to reduce food waste.

The feasible action plan that I have chosen for myself is to label my leftovers and write down what leftovers I still have in my fridge, so I can easily plan my meals incorporating the leftovers into them. I’m going to try to reduce clutter in my fridge, so I can see everything because it usually disappears in the fridge until it goes moldy. I will continue to compost and recycle, as well as have a talk with my family about our food waste and how sorting things properly is important. I have also learned that the main problem with food waste involves the food going into landfills to rot, then producing methane gas which is 21 times worse for global warming than carbon dioxide, according to