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Community Connection

For this assignment I reached out to someone named Victoria who runs a feminist account on Instagram. I reached out to her because I am very passionate about women’s rights and feminism and wanted to know more about her opinions. I first started out by direct messaging her asking if she would be willing to answer some questions for this assignment. To my surprise, she answered! 

Question #1

Question #2

Question #3

Question #4

Question #5

As you can see, I have a hard time describing things but I’m glad she understood what I was trying to say.

I loved talking to Victoria and learning more about what inspires her to inspire others everyday!

Self Confidence – FEC caparison

bullying is still alive and well but with small acts like this we can help spread a positive message

This is Victoria, she runs a feminism account on Instagram. She mainly posts about body image and pictures of twitter discussions and drawings of having a positive mindset, but people could not get over her personal appearance, she decided to instead of taking the harassment any longer, to instead take a stand. People were hating on her so hard even though it doesn’t affect them in the slightest. In this picture, she posted you can see that she is smiling through all the hate because she realized that other people don’t determine your personal happiness. She is human, she is beautiful. People hide behind a screen and pick on people because they don’t think there will be any consequences. And the truth is, there won’t be any, but is it worth it? Is it worth your time to think and type out something negative and hurt someone just so you feel better? I think this picture relates to ‘The Friday Everything Changed’ because even though this story is in a modern setting and with technology, bullying is still alive and well. By posting this picture Victoria may have received more hate or criticism, but if posting this and showing people self-love helped even one person, it made a positive impact. This can be compared to the part of the quote when it reads “small acts of kindness and love” because it’s all about loving yourself and being confident. 

Self Assessment – Analogy Video

This assignment was doing a video of an analogy representing mitosis and meiosis 1+2 (trying to be as creative as possible). Doing this assignment I believe we tried hard with our ideas for the video and tried to do a unique analogy. Although we could not have the video uploaded, we finished our drawings. We could have given more effort into the project and used our time more wisely. I think we used good teamwork and divided everything equally. We showed strength in our video core competency.

What I Have Learned in the Exponent Unit (Math 9)

Here are the three most important things that I believe you need to know before going into the (exponent) unit test!                                                                        


  1. How does the multiplication rule for negative numbers apply to powers with negative bases?
    1. if it’s a negative base (in brackets) and an even power, the answer will we positive. If it’s a negative base (in brackets) and an odd power, the answer will be negative. if it’s an negative base (not in brackets) and either an even or odd power, the answer will always be negative. Here’s a small cheat sheet chart to help you!
      1. (-base) ^even = positive
      2. (-base) ^odd =negative
      3. -base^even = negative
      4. -base^odd = negative
  2. LAWS
    1. Product Law; when we multiply exponents with the same base, we ADD the exponents.
    2. Quotient law; when dividing exponents with the same base, we SUBTRACT the exponents.
    3. Power of a power law; When an exponent is raised to another exponent, we multiply the exponents.
  3. Follow the orders of operations (BEDMAS) when evaluating expressions involving powers.
    1. Brackets
    2. Exponents
    3. Divide & multiply in order from the left to the right
    4. Add & subtract in order of left to right

Science App Review


  1. Consider a problem that could be solved by an app.
    1. a problem could be not wanting to study science because you might not be interested in what’s going on or you don’t know methods to studying.
  2. Brain storm
    1. when I am studying try to create mnemonic devices in my head or find a video on YouTube explaining what we’re learning in class. but sometimes it’s hard to just read out your notes and trying to memorize all the information.
  3. Find an app
    1.  I realized my best option would be to find an app that was simple but very helpful rather than one that took too much time to program to your specific standards. I looked up online some good studying apps and I found an app called Flashcards+ and I gave it a try.
  4. Using the app
    1. using the app at first, I really liked it. it has a lot of useful tools to use and help you study. It eliminates the hassle of wasting time and paper hand writing usually 20+ flashcards on individual pieces of paper and going back and forth looking at your notes trying to copy the information down.
  5. Debrief 
    1. after I knew what kind of app I wanted I did some research on google and the App Store I found my app (Flashcards+) ad started using it. I didn’t get to use my technique of a mnemonic device to study but instead more or less memory techniques. I overall liked the app but wish it was a little more organized. I did appreciate that when you first get the app it has kind a how-to use the app mode.

Elements 4D Lab – Myra Qualitz

This lab was about the elements and compounds. we recorded our observations of the elements and used the Elements 4D app and to see if elements would react if they we’re connected.

  1. I would say the majority of our reactions contained either sodium or oxygen. sodium reacted with fluorine and chloride, and oxygen reacted with lithium and hydrogen.
  2. In my lab we didn’t really test the same element that wasn’t reactive with other elements so it’s a variation. for example chlorine did not react with titanium, gold and nitrogen didn’t cause a reaction and iron and oxygen also did not react.
  3. My guess would be that if tried to “combine” anything in row #18 (noble gases) that are not reactive with something like chlorine which is a row #17 (halogens) which is very reactive it would not react because of the fact that noble gases don’t react to anything.
  4.  in the period table of elements row #1 (alkali metals) is very reactive, row #2 (alkaline earth metals) is more composed, #17 (halogens) is VERY reactive and row #18 (noble gases)  is not reactive at all. So now knowing that I understand why some elements that could possibly both be in row #18 did not react, and same with why some elements did react with each other.


Digital Footprint- Myra Qualitz

Myra Qualitz

How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?

            If you’re posting inappropriate things now, then in the future when you’re applying for jobs and your possible employer searches your name they will be disappointed and not want to hire you. If your family members search your name and something inappropriate you said or did shows up it could have consciences.





Three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

  1. Keep your account on private and only let people you know follow you.

           2. Don’t put any personal information in your bio’s (ex. School, sports team that you play for, location, etc.).


  1. Use the “grandma rule”. The grandma rule is when you wouldn’t post things that you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to show to your grandma.