May 14th 2019 archive

Week #13 – Math 10

WEEK 13 – point slope form


This week in math 10 we learned about point slope form. Usually to find the slope formula you use the equation of

m= y1-y2/x1-x2 BUT to find point slope form you switch/move the equation to

m(x1-x2) = y1-y2

a good way to remember what you’re doing in point-slope form is to remember to ‘plug + play’.

That basically means to plug in the numbers into the equation and let algebra take over! Easy!

week #12 – Math 10

WEEK 12- slope formula

This week in math 10, we learned about slope formula. Slope formula is equal to

change y/change x

and that is equal to



Example: (3,7) and (-2,11)


Also keep in mind that 5/-4 would be equal to -4/5 ,  it all depends on how you do your equation