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Elements 4D Lab – Myra Qualitz

This lab was about the elements and compounds. we recorded our observations of the elements and used the Elements 4D app and to see if elements would react if they we’re connected.

  1. I would say the majority of our reactions contained either sodium or oxygen. sodium reacted with fluorine and chloride, and oxygen reacted with lithium and hydrogen.
  2. In my lab we didn’t really test the same element that wasn’t reactive with other elements so it’s a variation. for example chlorine did not react with titanium, gold and nitrogen didn’t cause a reaction and iron and oxygen also did not react.
  3. My guess would be that if tried to “combine” anything in row #18 (noble gases) that are not reactive with something like chlorine which is a row #17 (halogens) which is very reactive it would not react because of the fact that noble gases don’t react to anything.
  4.  in the period table of elements row #1 (alkali metals) is very reactive, row #2 (alkaline earth metals) is more composed, #17 (halogens) is VERY reactive and row #18 (noble gases)  is not reactive at all. So now knowing that I understand why some elements that could possibly both be in row #18 did not react, and same with why some elements did react with each other.


Digital Footprint- Myra Qualitz

Myra Qualitz

How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?

            If you’re posting inappropriate things now, then in the future when you’re applying for jobs and your possible employer searches your name they will be disappointed and not want to hire you. If your family members search your name and something inappropriate you said or did shows up it could have consciences.





Three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

  1. Keep your account on private and only let people you know follow you.

           2. Don’t put any personal information in your bio’s (ex. School, sports team that you play for, location, etc.).


  1. Use the “grandma rule”. The grandma rule is when you wouldn’t post things that you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to show to your grandma.