Week 1 – Math 10

This week I have learn about prime factor. I already study this at Korea, when I was in middle school. I thought math is not hard but math with english is hard. So, how to solve the prime factor question is..

you can do right in the picture.

You can divide with two number over and over to appearing of number that can’t divide by 2 or any number.

Terry fox Questions

  1. What was Terry Fox’s dream?

He wants to run 8530km and raise money to fight disease.

  1. How did he get this idea to run?

His basketball coach brought a story about a one-legged marathon runner

  1. Where and when did Terry Fox start his Marathon of Hope?

In 1980, he began running from St John’s, Newfoundland.

  1. How did Terry make the basketball team despite his small size?

He worked really hard.

  1. What was Terry diagnosed with? (be specific)

He was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, a rare bone cancer.

  1. What operation did the doctors perform on his leg?

The doctors amputated his leg.

  1. . Aside from running, what did Terry do raise awareness to Canadians?

He raised money for cancer research.

  1. Why did Terry’s Marathon of Hope have to come to an end?

He was diagnosed with lung cancer.

  1. Terry’s legacy has continued since his death. Give two facts that attest to this.

Canadians raised money for cancer research and Canadians do Terry fox marathons for Terry fox.

  • Although he wanted to be considered as an ordinary person, most people consider Terry Fox as a hero.  What character traits did Terry have that made him heroic?

He didn’t quit.