Penny Lab


This experiment investigated… The amount of water droplets that would fit on a clean and soap covered penny with our spilling over.

In order to study the problem… We tested the experiment on both the clean and soap covered pennies 4 times, calculated their averages and drew and described the experiment.

Results showed… That the clean penny held much more water droplets than the penny covered in soap. The soap covered penny held the water droplets flat while the clean penny held the water droplets in a dome like shape.

This proved the hypothesis that if the penny is clean, then the penny will keep more water drops than the testing liquid will, was supported because I thought that the clean penny would hold more water droplets and it held about 28.25 more drops more than the soap covered penny on average.

To extend the experiment we could have tried dipping the penny in different liquids. For example, we could have dipped the penny in oil, which would have a very different effect than the clean or soap covered pennies would have.

If we repeated the experiment we would need to make sure that the penny was absolutely dry and that we had more paper towels. Also, it would be good to know how much water came out per drop to get a more accurate trial.